Restorative Exercise

Spectrum Healthcare not only focuses on a level of wellness for our patients but also education. We teach our patients at home exercises to help them strengthen and correct issues on their own. These exercises are performed in the comfort of your own home and can improve the effectiveness of a spinal correction.

Restorative exercises are designed to maximize muscle use while minimizing inappropriate force on the joints. The result is an improved effectiveness overall, and a decrease in soft tissue damage. Restorative exercise helps your body with proper alignment as well as optimal blood flow and neurology.

By changing and manipulating parts of your body in different ways you may not be used to, our specialists can give your body the chance to increase range of motion, while repair itself naturally. This is done both as a restorative, and preventative measure as well. We can teach you to move your body in ways that minimize the potential damages on your joints and soft tissues.

Spectrum Health focuses on helping patient move their bodies naturally. This process works harmoniously with proper alignment and chiropractic care. Where restorative exercise places an importance on restoring the body to its once former glory, chiropractic care as an accompaniment focuses on preventative maintenance.


as well as optimal blood flow and neurology.